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Key West Wreck / Reef fishing Charters

Wreck and reef fishing with light tackle in Key West, Florida. Top guides and boats of Key west.

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Key West Wreck and Reef Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Key West grouper wreck and reef fishingFun fast and exhilarating is a great way to describe Light tackle wreck and reef fishing charters. We use 28 - 34 ft center console multiple engine boats that get you to the fishing grounds safe and fast.

Carrying up to 4 passengers this trip is the most versatile fishing charter in Key West, Florida as these capatains can bottom fish the reefs and wrecks, troll the blue water, kite fish for anything and live bait to catch you a huge fish.

Whats more is these boats are able to fish the inshore waters as well in case the weather is too rough for the reef. Inshore you can find great Tarpon fishing and shark fishing to make the day more fun and enjoyable.

sailfishing wrek and reefGo as technical as you like or just go and catch lots of fish with ease for allskilllevles. We handle it all. All age groups arewelcome and every skill level too.

Wreck and Reef

Fish stand up with light tackle for tuna, grouper, red snapper, yellowtail snapper, kingfish, mackerel, sharks, sailfish, wahoo, dolphin and many many more.

Blue Water

Trolling, kite fishing and live bait fishing for tuna, sailfish, wahoo, kingfish and dolphin. These boats can cover much more ground than your standard deep sea fishing boats as they are faster and more agile.

Pier House Resort and Caribbean spa

Key West Fishing

Snorkeling and FIshing Key West


Sword Fishing

This is the way to go for catching swordfish. Being fast and vesatile these boats can get to the sword fishing grounds fast and easy to get you in the bite. Our wreck and reef captains are daytime sword fishing experts and can offer you the best shot at your prize fish using the latest in tackle and techniques.

Deep Dropping

Another specialty found only on our wreck and reef trips. Fish the Deep, deep blue waters from 500 - 1500 ft of water with our Key West deep dropping experts to catch all sorts of creatures from the deep such as black bellied rose fish, golden tile fish, grey tile fish, snowey groupers, queen snappers and yellow eyed snappers. You will be amazed at the number of fish you will catch on this trip and all of them taste REALLY GOOD.

Wreck and reef fishing is a great trip for table fare. we catch many fish for you to take away and eat at our local Key West restaurants.


Pricing Wreck and reef Light tackle fishing


32 Ft Yellowfin Center Console  

4 Hrs
6 Hrs
8 Hrs
Extra Persons


$ 675.00
$ 775.00
$ 750.00 + Fuel Charges
$ 50.00 Max 5



What We Provide

All the tackle you will need for any facet of fishing, bottled water, ice, rain gear, fishing licenses, and instruction.

What you need to bring

A hat sunscreen, good glasses, whatever you want to eat or drink, towel and rain gear.


Dry Tortugas Fishing

Learn all about fishing the Dry Tortugas virgin grounds here out of Key West on 1, 2 and 3 day trips. If bottom fishing is your deal the Dry Tortugas is your place. Trips departing on a schedule please call for more information. 1-888-362-3474 speak to Gennifer.

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